Unlocking Canary Islands’ Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

June 2018 – RSVP to reserve your spot at each event.

If you’re an entrepreneur, university student, investor, government official, business executive or foundation representative committed to Canary Islands’ development, join us in creating Canary Islands’ very own “Silicon Valley”.


Beyond Silicon Valley: Canary Islands is a two month program consisting of workshops, conferences and a university cohort designed to improve, stimulate and connect Canarias’ entrepreneurship ecosystem with the rest of the world via our Fulbright Specialist Michael Goldberg.

Thanks to the Fulbright Scholarship: “Canary Islands: Building remote entrepreneurial ecosystems” awarded to Emerge, renown professor and investor Michael Goldberg will be providing his insight and connecting the different stakeholders of our entrepreneurial community throughout the events in the month of June.

Michael E. Goldberg is a venture capitalist, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Department of Design and Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University and international business leader whose teaching is focused on the fields of entrepreneurship and early stage finance.

Goldberg’s created the massive online course (MOOC) called “Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies” that has attracted over 136,000 students from 190 countries with subtitles in 16 languages.

Inc.com named Beyond Silicon Valley one of the top online classes and Goldberg has spoke about the impact of his MOOC at TEDxHeraklion and TEDxFulbright. He has appeared as a frequent guest panelist on MSNBC’s “Your Business” and written on international entrepreneurship for CNBC, Entrepreneur.com and The Huffington Post.

Goldberg has deep experience teaching entrepreneurship in international markets and was awarded a Fulbright fellowship in 2012 to teach entrepreneurship at the National Economics University in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Goldberg earned a BA from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, MA in International Relations from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University and MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

More recently, Michael published the book “Beyond Silicon Valley: How One Online Course Helped Support Global Entrepreneurs” which profiles 20 people who have supported entrepreneurship in communities around the world that face unique challenges unheard of in Silicon Valley—challenges like economic hardship, political strife, corruption or a cultural aversion to risk-taking.


Some events are opened to the public, others are private sessions. Look for specific details inside each event below.

Encuentros Tecnológicos

Location: Palet Express Cajasiete

Time: 13:30-15h

Program Commencement Press Conference

On this press conference we will announce the schedule of activities alongside our collaborating partners: Comisión Fulbright-España, ULPGC, ULL, Gobierno de Canarias, Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas GC and Cajasiete.

Location: Palet Express Cajasiete, Av. Alcalde José Ramirez Bethencourt, 17, 35004 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

Time: 12:15-13:15h

Press Release-Program Opening

BlueWeekend Hackathon for the Marine Sector

Blueweekend is a weekend event focused on the resolution of challenges and the development of technological projects in the marine sector. During the 2 days we will gather 50 people with different profiles, with concerns and resolutive capacities to solve challenges in the marine sector.

Location: Tf CoworkIN, INTECH, Calle Via Interior Dársena Pesquera, 38120 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Time: June 8: 16-21H – June 9: 9-21H – June 10: 9-14:30H


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Theme: Blue Economy Innovation: Emerging Tecnologies in Renewable Energy, Marine Robotics and Biotechnology.

Location: Aula de Piedra, Rectorado, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, C/ Juan de Quesada, 30, Las Palmas GC.

Time: 9-14h

Open to the public: RSVP by sending an email to oriana@asociacionemerge.com

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Startup Ecosystems as New Sources of Growth and Jobs

Presentation by Victor Mulas from Disruptive Technology Initiative Core Team, President Office at World Bank Group. Discussant: Michael Goldberg.

Location: ZEC (Consorcio de la Zona Especial Canaria), Calle León y Castillo, 431, 35007 Palmas de Gran Canaria (las), Las Palmas

Time: 12:45-14:30h

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation: The Role of Philanthropy Donors

With the participation of Fundación Disa, Fundación Dinosol, Fundación Mapfre, Fundación Philip Morris, Fundación Cajasiete-Pedro Modesto Campos, Fundación Sergio Alonso, Fundación Satocan, Fundación Farrah, Fundación La Caixa, among others.

Location: SPEGC, Cabildo de Gran Canaria. Av. de la Feria, 1, 35012 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas.

Time: 12:15-13:45

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The challenges of integrating SMEs in the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process

Location: JRC Seville, Edificio Expo, Calle Inca Garcilaso, 3, 41092 Sevilla

Women in Science & Technology: África-Canarias

Breakfast & debate with Larisa Bowen-Dodoo, founder and editor of Levers in Heels, presented and hosted by Cristina Manzano, director of the international news website Esglobal. The discussion will center around the role of women in science, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa.

Location: Palet Express Cajasiete

Time: 9:30-10:30h

Open to the public: RSVP by sending an email to oriana@asociacionemerge.com

Download the agenda

Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Development

Second international conference regarding the role that entrepreneurship and innovation plays in emerging countries. Michael Goldberg presents his new book “Beyond Silicon Valley”. With the participation of Larisa Bowen-Dodoo (Levers in Heels), Pablo Santaeufemia (Bridge for Billions), Cristina Manzano (Esglobal), Borja Monreal (Sic4change.org), and Navin Khemlani (International Business Council), among others.

Location: Casa Africa

Time: 16:30-20:20h

Open to the public: RSVP by sending an email to oriana@asociacionemerge.com

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Encuentro Emprendedores Tecnológicos

The Cátedra DISA Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs of the University of La Laguna organizes a meeting with entrepreneurs to reflect on the ecosystem of

entrepreneurship in the Canary Islands. Discussion with Michael Goldberg (Case Western Reserve University, United States).

Location:Universidad de La Laguna, Fundación General Universidad de La Laguna, Avenida de la Trinidad 61, La Laguna (Torre Agustín Arévalo). La Laguna, Tenerife.

Time: 11-12:45h

Download the agenda

Encuentros Tecnológicos

Presentation of technology projects.

Location: Fundación Parque Científico Tecnológico de la ULPGC, Polivalente III, Calle Practicante Ignacio Rodríguez, s/n, 35017 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

Time: 13-14:30h

Program Closing & Conclusions

On this event we will conclude the program and receive Michael
Goldberg’s preliminary conclusions and report on “Beyond Silicon
Valley, Canary Islands: Building Remote Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.
Location: Presidencia del Gobierno de Canarias
Time: To be determined


Take a look at the latest news regarding the Fulbright program in Canary Islands

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El Programa Fulbright analizará en Gran Canaria cómo “aprovechar el potencial” del ecosistema emprendedor.

Noticias Locales- Islas Canarias

La comisión Fullbright se cita en Gran Canaria para estudiar la economía azul.

El Dia.es- Canarias

La comisión Fullbright se cita en Gran Canaria para estudiar la economía azul.

Fundación Parque Científico Technológico

Colaboración con asociación EMERGE y ULPGC, programa Fulbright.

Noticias- Universidad de La Laguna

Michael Goldberg participará en el curso especializado en emprendimiento en economías en desarrollo.

Radio Faro del Noroeste 96.5PM

El Programa Fulbright analizará en Gran Canaria cómo “aprovechar el potencial: del ecosistema emprendedor.

The Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC)- News

The ZEC in the workshop, “Startup ecosystems as new sources of growth and jobs”.

Inversión y Finanzas.com- Noticias Can-Economia Azul

La comisión Fullbright se cita en Gran Canaria para estudiar la economía azul.


Conferencia Emprendimiento e innovación para el desarrollo.

Ipac Acuicultura- Noticias

Encuentro en la ULPG sobre economía azul.

Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria- Noticias

La ULPGC acoge el Workshop sobre Innovación en Economía Azul del Proyecto europeo Protoatlantic.

Govierno de Canarias- Portal de Noticias

Canarias se coloca en un lugar destacado del mapa internacional de la economía azul.

Cyosi.es- Noticias

Canarias busca convertirse en referente mundial de economía azul.

Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria- Noticias

La ULPGC acoge el Workshop sobre Innovación en Economía Azul del Proyecto europeo Protoatlantic.

Casa Africa

Conferencia: Promoción del emprendimiento e innovación como instrumento de acción exterior.

Tagoror.es- Noticias

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: II Conferencia Emprendimiento e Innovación para el Desarrollo.

Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria- Noticias

La ZEC acude a la conferencia promocion del emprendimiento e innovacion como instrumento de accion exterior.

Spegc- via Linkedin

La Spegc acoge un encuentro de una docena de fundaciones con Michael Goldberg.



Building Canary Islands’ entrepreneurial ecosystem is made possible with the collaboration of all partner in the ecosystem.


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